I have just had a masectomy three weeks ago and thinking about getting the other breast taken off as peace of mind. Has anyone has it return. Also my doctor doesnt want me to have reconstruction for at least two years - can anyone recommmend what they think is the best kind of reconstruction.
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Hi Kitty I had a right-side mastectomy last April. There is a slightly increased risk of my getting cancer in the other side but I am just going to be monitored via mammogram & ultrasound. I have a silicone implant which I am happy with. I also know some people who have had their new breast built from their belly fat & skin (can't remember what that option is called) and they are very happy with it, although it was a hard operation which took some recovering from. I think different options suit different people - I am too skinny for the options involving taking fat from somewhere else and I also didn't like the idea of there being a second surgery site which would need to heal. But, there are advantages to using your own flesh rather than silicone. It's a matter of what will suit you. How are you recovering from your mastectomy? The worst problem I had was pain in my arm when I went back to work and had to type all day. Best wishes Allicat
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