I am not even sure this is where one writes but I wanted to join as a friend but am obviously techno challenged. Have enjoyed you on In touch group. Won't say much here as I am not sure where to place a message Liz
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Hi Liz Let me know if you would like directions. Glad you are enjoying the In Touch Group, sorry I missed you all last night. Julie xo
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Hi Liz, Sorry for being late in replying, been trying to sort out my computer - what a pain. Glad to have you as a friend. Enjoyed being in the in touch group and glad that you enjoyed it this year. Hope that it has helped you a little as well. You've done very well, hope Thursday night's discussion was great, I had a lovely night out with the ladies from my "ex" quilting group. Was extremely tired the next day, but totally worth it. They gave me a lovely decorative metal basket for a "leaving the group" present in the afternoon and then I told them that I would just have to drop over now and then. Take great care of yourself, don't expect too much, Jules2 often says small steps and that is the best approach. Have a very merry christmas and we will catch up in the New Year if not before, lol xxoo craftyone
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