Let me introduce myself, well sort of. I'm not going to use my name as I want to enjoy some anonymity on this site. Round the cancer traps in Victoria I am perhaps too well known so don't get a chance to think much about myself. As you can see I am a sailor, although I haven't done much of it recently as I've been far too busy. But that is me in the leading boat, taken off Altona in a State Titles about eight years ago. So Sailor can be my alias for this site. My boat is now about thirty years old but still competitive in the right conditions. It probably can't keep up with the latest fibreglass versions with newer sails and rigging, but if I can be in the middle of the fleet I am happy. I guess it is a bit like that with my cancer journey - I'm not out to be in competition with others and am quite happy to be with the group whose statistics put them somewhere in the middle. I'm pretty active in the cancer scene and on all sorts of committees. That's fine as I hope my experiences will help others. However, being busy doesn't always allow you to deal with your own hopes and fears, the ups and downs that get dealt out to you. So I hope this group can allow me that.
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