I am new here and at 60 years old this is the first time i have been really scared. Haven't been feeling not well for some 6 months now with frequent trips to urinate and getting up 4 times a night. Haven't had a good nights sleep since I don't know when. Had many blood tests and a scan and no one could find anything. Started passing blood in my urine last week and off again for a scan. Went to the same place except this time after doing the same scan found a growth 3.3cm x 1.8 cm in my bladder. Am in hospital tomorrow to have it removed and tested, doctor said in hospital for 2 days or until recovery. Don't know how something could grow that big in such a short time. Just want to connect with someone as I am scared to death. Cheers Bob
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Hi Bob, I am writing to wish you well for your surgery tomorrow. I also know how frightening the hospital can be - and surgery. It is scary. If you trust your doctor, trust him or her to do the best job for you and your health. I hope all goes well for you - Thoughts and prayers are with you. Regards, Wynne
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hi Bob, by now you will have been to hospital and had that pesky tumor removed from your bladder. Hopefully it was benign - or at least very low grade. I recently turned 23, and was in the process of house hunting and car shopping with my partner when I passed blood in my urine one weekend. As a precaution, instead of simply just passing it off as a UTI, my doctor ordered an ultrasound because of some bloating I'd had (we think now I may be coeliac) and lucky they did. I had a similar sized TCC removed from my bladder, Stage 1. Thankfully this means I don't need chemo, just another cysto-thingy in 3 months, then 9 months, then every 12 months. I have a colonoscopy booked to check my bowel next week due to the bloating still occuring, but I am feeling positive. Truly, I hope that yours has been dealt with, and you are no longer as terrified as I was when I was told it was cancer - especially at my age, I was shocked beyond belief. Hope you are feeling better!
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Hi Nicole, Thanks for the wishes and yes I have had my operation. Things didn't go as good as yours as they couldn't remove all the bad stuff as it was very aggressive and gone further that we thought, my surgeon said he didn't want to go through the wall of my bladder so had to stop. I had a CT scan and luckily the cancer has not spread to any other organs and is confined to the bladder at present. I have been told that it looks as if I will need to have my bladder removed and am going to see some people this week to talk about collection bags and that stuff. My doctor wants me to thoroughly understand all the possibilities, chemo is not an option with me as it is still there. I could try radiation for 8 weeks everyday but was told that they don't thing this will work and will cause other complications when the time comes to remove the bladder. He wants me to think about it and to see him again at the end of July to see where we go. Sorry to hear your problems at such a young age but remember you are alive and there is many good years ahead of you. Hope all goes well Cheers Bob
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