I'm not really sure what to write.. But I wanted to hear from people who have been in a similar position or have had this cancer themselves. About a month and a half ago my Dad got sick with the flu. But after about a week he couldn't breathe very well. After about 3 weeks he went back to the doctor and told her the antibiotics weren't working, and breathing was getting more difficult, so she sent him for an X-ray. During the X-ray (which happened on the Thursday) he saw a large mass in his right lung. He was going to ring on Monday but the doctor rang him and said that there's been a mass found and he needs to come in ASAP. He went and saw her on Tuesday and she said he had cancer. That was a shock. How can an X-ray diagnose cancer? We had our little cry together. But on Tuesday night he was admitted to hospital as he couldn't breathe at all. He's been in hospital for about a week and a half. He's had X-rays, CT scans, fluid taken from the lump in his lung, blood tests and some others I think. The Doctors at the hospital said that its Stage 4 inoperable terminal lung cancer. I read about a TNM system, and am going to ask his oncologist about it when I visit him today. He started radiation therapy yesterday. He'll have it once again today, and then twice tomorrow. I think he may be having it next week too but I'm not sure. Though I'm confused as to why they chose radiation first over chemo. Anyone have any information, personal experience with something similar? He's been a smoker for over 30 years, so I guess it's not as if its a surprise. But you never imagine being without your parents (even when they weren't the best of parents to begin with). J
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