I am grateful for getting cancer. My cancer journey was tough. I look back on my journey and am thankful for the experience. It is a tough thing to be able say “I am grateful for getting cancer”. Being able to say it has helped me move past it and enriched my life, I haven’t let something hang over me and hold me back from experiencing anything. It may be controversial but I wouldn’t have my life any other way. The journey I went through has moulded and shaped me into who I am today. Being diagnosed with cancer has helped me develop to be grateful an inspiration powerful healthy wealthy abundant unstoppable happy strong loving Some people might find this hard to take in and be unable to comprehend having a positive outlook towards their journey. But why not embrace the experience. Let it teach you lessons, let it guide you , let it mould you. Cancer is not something I wish on anyone and am not trying to say cancer is all smiles and butterflies. I had my dark days, it is hard to see the light, it is hard to see the end. But one day hopefully if you have gone through cancer you will get to a stage of being at peace with it. A great mentor of mine drums into me….. "Success is a journey not a destination !!!" For me it is a constant and never ending search of improvement. Cancer has taught me to live life to the fullest. To play full out and demand the most out of life. The destination is not what matters and that the journey which you travel is what is important.There are many instances where, though you might have not reached the destination, you may be getting much appreciation because of the way in which you have done a task. A journey contains lots of experiences and the thing is that, consider everything as an experience, whether it be good or bad. Success will come in the path. There may be many ways to attain and complete a particular task. But the one who does it in the right way by giving the best out of him, is the one who succeeds. I hope this update helps you to embrace your past, look forward to the future and make the most of the present. Keep moving forward and repeat after me. I AM GRATEFUL
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