I think that the topic of 'Sexuality' is a great discussion point which is very relevant to young adults affected by cancer, whether they are single, married or mingling to find the 'right one'. AND 'finding the right one' is quite a challenge when you carry the scars and emotions associated with having cancer at a time in life when you are so young and active. I know because I was single when I was diagnosed! Anyway, I am looking forward to being involved in the first LIVE CHAT that Cancer Connections are running and after the chat, I would love to have comments from anyone else who joins in. Nikki :)
Love to be involved but am a bit busy today with the CanNET national conference on tomorrow. Hope it all goes well, hope it continues and that we will have many more live chats on a variety of topics. Cheers Sailor He that will not sail till all dangers are over must never put to sea." Thomas Fuller
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my thoughts after the chat.... It was a successful live chat event that kept me engage for nearly 2 hours listening to others affected by cancer and learning from the sexuality experts who helped facilitate the live chat. Sailor it was a pity you were unable to join in, i hope there are many more opportunities to have more life chat events like this one soon. thanks CC team 🙂
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I didn't get home in time so I missed it too. I agree with Nikki and Sailor, though, that there are plenty of other topics that we could meet on line about. There are more and more members coming onto the site every day, so there will surely be a wide range of interests. I'll stay tuned.
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I am a bit confused how to use this site. Is there a chat room where you can go to anytime and type away or is it just like a message board where you post comments? I have spent a bit of time trying to understand how it works but i am not too bright at the moment. Help please?
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Hi Bo, It works as a message board to post your comments. Chat rooms will be developed soon too for specific groups. If you have any issue please contact me directly by going to http://www.cancerconnections.com.au/contact Best, Raul (aka Totocol)
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