Hi, My mum "Mili" a beautiful healthy women has been diagnosed with advanced local pancreatic cancer, which was inoperable when attempting a Whipples as the tumor in the head of the pancreas has involved itself with the portal vein & some other vessels. We are shocked with this news as we really thought it was operable & contained. Currently my darling mother Mili is in hospital recovering from surgery and is doing great guns. Her eating is of a concern, as she isn't taking in much which we are told is due to the bypass surgery they did adding the metal stent. Hopefully when she is discharged tomorrow, some home made soups get her eating again. Our next step is to meet with an oncologist to discuss our options, which at this stage seem bleak. I would love to hear from someone who is going through this..And hopefully give us some advice. X Have you tried chemotherapy / radiation? Diet- Foods to eat? Alternative therapys? Vitamins & supplents? Loving daughter. X
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Hello, my beautiful Mum was diagnosed with sagee IV pancreatic cancer which has spread to her liver 4 months ago. Surgery was never an option. She was originally given 3 - 4 months to live. She has been receiving palliative gemcitabine as chemotherapy and tollerating it reasonably well. Her recent scan showe that the tumor on the pancrease has only very minimally grown and the lumps in the liver were not visable. Mum is still not a well person but we are greatful for the extra time the treatment is buying us. Time to plan and prepare and time to do nice things together. Nausea has been a huge problem for her and we have just trialed a new drug which worked amazingly but is extreemly expensive. It will be worth it for the quality of life it is giving her. Hope this helps, everyone's journey is unique and different but I can totally understand that you want to do the best for your Mum. From equally loving daughter.
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Hello P, I am very sorry to hear that your mother is also going through this, it must of been a terrible shock to her & your family. I appreciate you taking the time in getting back to me so quickly, reading your post made things more real, yet, I have been hesitant in responding. I have wanted to, but apart of me just does not want to accept all that is happening. However, I am writing today and will continue doing, so as i dont want to get blocked in my own state of mind. I need to be strong for my "Mili" We are meeting with oncologist this coming Monday, so am hoping that mum wants to pursue this approach. I did mention to her the nausea drug you mentioned and we are also keen to give this a go. Not sure if you can mention the drug on our post, but if you can I would greatly appreciate it. Love to you and your beautiful mum. 🙂
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