Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the internal scarring which can occur after radiation? Specifically, how long after radiation finishes can it occur and what does it feel like? My area of radiation was the top of my leg. Thanks, Kim
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I suggest you write it down to ask the doctor you see next .If that doctor doesn't know you may have to wait till you see your rad/onc.
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Thanks Silly. I actually brought my oncologist's visit forward, spoke to him about the stiffness and pain and he said it was either scarring or tumor. I have since had a PET scan and will have an MRI on Friday. I see my oncologist for the results on Tuesday. I guess I'm a little impatient and can't find much on the net. Will just have to wait it out though.
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I had cervical cancer in 1983 and just two years ago discovered scarring from radiation on the walls of my bladder. The scarring was also found in my colon, creating blockage. I'll be going to Mayo in January for evaluation and testing, to be followed by bladder removal and some kind of colo/rectal surgery, possibly a colostomy, both being done at the same time. I had no symptoms, but this was found by abnormal blood test results. So in answer to your question, it can take a long time to show up. Doctors are stumped why it took so long for mine. Guess I'm just fortunate that it did. I haven't found much on the internet either. I wish you good luck in your testing.
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Thanks Geneandjudy. What a bummer to have to go through all that. What's Mayo? Good luck with it all and thanks for letting me know. It's nice to know someone who understands. Will be thinking of you in January. Keep us posted. Kim
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