As you can tell we are on the count down now to finishing! Can't wait. The radiation itself hasn't been too bad or difficult in itself - its just the tiredness that it leaves behind that has been the hardest to deal with really. Erik hasn't had any skin burns or problems or any diarrhea or tummy problems that they said he might get - so I think we have been really lucky. The Radiotherapist gave him some steroids to take at the beginning of week 4 and he has been taking those which have provided a lot of relief in terms of reducing the swelling of and around the tumour in the sacrum - and that has made things very bearable for him. He sleeps really well through the night now - although he was barely getting 2 - 3 hrs on average when we first started - so we have come a long way on this journey. Once this is over its time to concentrate on selling the house and finding somewhere smaller to live - and then working out where we will go for a holiday (not too expensive or flash but a break nevertheless!). I'm finding that planning ahead up to 3 months at a time is something I/we can do - any further than that and it becomes just too hard. This journey thus far has taken its toll on me in that I have had to increase the amount and type/s of anti depressant meds I now take and have regular counselling sessions (provided for free initally through my Employee Assistant Program at my work). With all of these supports in place it is still a huge struggle to adjust as a carer and when people say to me I don't know how you do it - I couldn't if it was me - I say to them you just do it because you have to do it - you don't have any choice and you put one foot in front of the other and just keep going really... there's no other words to describe it than that..
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