Hi Everyone So far this site is progressing well with quite a few amazing people sharing part of their stories. Love to have an update from some of the early bloggers. Even if the news isn't all that good. It's been a busy week. Spent three days last weekend helping my son, his partner and her boy shift houses. Loading and unloading and driving a truck leaves you pretty exhausted. Actually I was amazed that I could still do it. Mid week I was doing a gig with GP's and some specialist on my type of cancer - education session and I'm there to give a recipients perspective. Rest of the week spent catching up with things and enjoying a few red wines with an old mate who is now confined to a wheel chair but has been updating his model railway. Quite an impressive layout for a small space. One of the positives about this journey has been the number of amazing people I have met and the number of new friends I have made. Cheers Sailor
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