Hi there again computer. Can't sleep so I thought I might as well write another blog entry. Today wasn't such a bad day. Dad came up and helped out around the house and garden for a while. The fiance came over and later on I went round to hers and had dinner. Back pain was quite severe today but I managed to soldier on and ride to the shops and back twice. No diagnosis yet but starting to worry about the back pain and whether its related to cancer or just stress. Worried also that I might be making something out of nothing. What if it's not even cancer. Not coping well emotionally. Started looking at a facebook group on lung cancer and there were just way too many stories of people dying from it. I need to start sharing with other people in person but havent been able to find a support group yet in my area. If I could do one thing right now i would go over to my fiances place and fall asleep in her arms. Even though we'ere engaged I still feel rather alone in this empty house on my own
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