So this is the first time I've blogged anything .. Ever .. Anyway 14months ago my dad got diagnosed with cancer. He had a tumor behind his heart. Chemo got rid of the tumor. Then 2 weeks after being 'cured' he got diagnosed with blood cancer and this time it took a lot more chemo to 'cure' 6 months later he was given the a ok. Then he woke up in severe pain to be told a disk in his spine crumbled for no apparent reason. Then 3 months ago he had a seizure again for no apparent reason. I am sure they are linked and sure his dr is missing all the signs. He is waiting for an MRI but un fortunately does not have private health insurance and is on some waiting list. I'm just so angry the way he is treated by the public hospital it's like this is a third world country. Every time he gets rushed to hospital because he catches a cold or can't breath they stick him in a chair in the hallway. Last time he had to go to hospital because he was finding it hard to breath as his immune system was weak due to chemo the hospital released him at 2:44am in winter and he had to sit outside in the cold waiting for a taxi and what a surprise he developed a chest infection because of this which left him bed ridden for 3weeks. I'm just at the point where I worry non stop to the point I feel physically sick. He has only just turned 50 and looks like an old man. I'm 26yrs old and the pain of waiting in line for medical attention is driving me crazy. You'd think that a place like Australia would have a proper public health sector. And wouldn't make cancer patients wait 3months for an MRI to see what the next step is. Especially since we've already been told his cancer is rapid growing. We've found out more information about his cancer through Wikipedia them the Drs and we only found out he had cancer was because after 4months of Drs telling him he was fine he fell over and broke his ribs and in the chest scan they saw the tumor. Does anybody else feel like Australia's public health sector is the blind leading the blind?!?
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