is this: 1) Avoid red meat. 2) learn the difference between masticating, centripetal and triturating machines 3) chew your food 32 times and rest after eating 4) be mindful of almost everything 5) meditate often 6) get massaged when you can 7) call up an old friend 😎 eight) and get plenty of rest 9) buy wholefood. 10) avoid choosing foods for their shelf-life 11) if you must by packaged food read the labels 12) stare at the stars now and then. 13) listen to music and 🙂 14) question everything. 15) listen to your body 16) learn to relax 17) carry a pencil in your pocket and write down your thoughts because they seldom come back again. 18) recognize advice as three parts opinion one part information 19) collect the information and 20) quit worrying it never did anyone any good. Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself; you will never err if you listen to your own suggestions. - Cicero
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