My boyfriend was having tests for stomach and back problems and they found a small cancer on his left lung. They removed this 2 weeks ago and he is recovering well from his surgery. After they removed a wedge from his lung they sent it to be tested and we were told it wasn't lung cancer but melanoma. We are now waiting to find out what all this means. I thought melanoma was skin cancer but he has never had anything removed that has been cancerous. Does this mean the cancer in his lung is a secondry cancer and he has some other cancer somewhere we don't know about or is it possiable for it to show up in the lung like it has? We have no idea. Its very scary to think he could have some undetected cancer somewhere growing without knowing about it. He says he isn't worry about it because there is no point worring as it won't change anything but I can see he is worring about it. I have tried to talk to him but he just tells me it is ok and not to worry. I can't help worring, I lost my step dad about 5 years ago, he had cancer and it wasn't found untill it was to advanced to do anything about. he died only 5 mounths after he was told he had cancer. My son also had cancer when he was 17, he was told on his 17th birthday, a very sad day indeed. He is now 27 and doing well thank goodness. This is why I can't just not worry about my boyfriend. I want to be there for him and help he through this but Ican't unless he talks to me.
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