Hi guys my dad was diagnosed with cancer back in June 2019 the doctor had made some phone calls to do extrays and so on and it turned out that my dad had a small tumor just on the right side of his chest its now been 8 months since then my dad didn't follow up on treatment and so he managed to have his first treatment ever it was immunotherapy treatment that took place about a month ago he's body had a bad reaction from the treatment at the time my dad has a lung infection I had no idea he had it plus he's a smoker smokes like a train he ended up in the ice for couple days he was very sick so then on wards my dad has now decided to not go ahead with treatment for me as his younger daughter i have been caring for my dad since his been diagnosed with this cancer it's been very hard for me and my family emotionally mentally and physically this cancer thing is very new to me this is however the very first time that I have experienced anything like this and some times it's so hard to process what is happening and what is going to happen to my dad don't get me wrong I love my dad so much i respect his wishes I'm not gonna force him to do something he didn't want to do he wants to be at home with his family be as comfortable as possible it's been so painful to watch my dad go through all of this pain and sickness some times i feel so helpless at times i haven't had anyone to talk to about this and that's why I'm here hoping to get a conversation with someone that is going through the same thing as me and my family anyway il leave it there hopefully hear from you kind peope very soon thanks guys take care.


Kind Regards 


Tracy 💔


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