after Peter my husband was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia type M2, our dreams of have a holidays became a bad dream. We can't afford this. We live from centrelink payment. I am a pensioner, and we have a lovely son 6 years old. Peter is in remission for the moment, but you can imagine how he became after the bombs of chemotherapy in his body. He became with a heart attack during the chemio, and plus his energy became funny. someday he have lot of energy and sometime he need bed all day. our son dream with the mountains or beach, he is near to finish his first year in school (kindergarden) and like a normal child he dream with school holidays. What we need to tell him all the time? again other year, we can't afford from a short holidays. does children need to suffer this? well around australia there are children's that dont have holidays. but how about the pressure that this little boy suffer everyday about my daddy can die in any moment. or I what he had in his head, about dont be a normal boy because he had only 3 years old when his daddy was diagnosed with Leukemia and this little boy and I needed to be in the hospital all the time beside his daddy. yes, I was not australian citizen in this time, No family in this country, my husband family (Australian) doent help me in anything, example looking after my son etc. well I think that I am stress and depress like my little son. well I am going to stop here i think that you probably have diferents problem and you dont need to read my history, thank for your time
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