Would you like to join me in a SPRINT HEALTH CHALLENGE, using a Health app? The app is FREE to download. I was tasked to write about a tricky issue but one that isn't so tricky for many cancer patients. Yup, tracking Stool Health via the Stool Diary tool! For the next two weeks all you have to do is track your bowel movement(s) using this Health Storylines app. You are encouraged to get family and friends to do same because stool health is a window into well-being ... our digestive system regulates the body’s inflammatory and immune responses. You don't have to have cancer to use this app, just a health goal. The aim is to select one of the tools each month and track your health using the app. I'll be writing about this in future blogs and also posting here as a reminder. Would love your support! Download the app via https://judyw.healthstorylines.com/app/#/register and start tracking your stool! If you like, also read my blog via https://wp.me/p3a0rc-kD (I sneakily married mindfulness with stool health!) .... there's only so much one wants to say, or read about poop!

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