Nearly six weeks ago I had a Radical Prostatectomy for, yep you guessed it, a cancerous Prostate. I have been pretty confident that things will be alright - in fact even (trying) to convince myself that I didn't have Cancer, but last night after nearly three weeks without a catheter I had to get another put in cos of a blockage (my second). I know this ain't much in the scheme of things but I also have my blood tests to be taken this Friday which will tell the success or otherwise of surgery. So the revisiting of a catheter and the uncertainty of the blood tests has left me a little down at the moment. This is the first time throughout this whole process that I have felt like this and it seems over really silly things (esp the catheter). Someone, anyone tell me joke, tell me a funny story, talk dirty- just make me larf and feel better - I don't like being like this. Kym
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