I have to tell someone what is going on without causing trouble so here I am venting. Had to take Daz to the hospital due to his headaches being so bad. So glad we called the ambos when we did. Daz had what they are calling a seizure. While waiting in the que to be seen in emergency Daz became restless and needed to cover his eyes from the light, I didn't realise at first what was happening but I now know it was the start of his seinure. We had about an hours wait to be seen and when we got in Daz was confused and couldn't understand what anyone was saying to him. He was being difficult and wanted to use the toilet not the bottle. So they helped him into the toilet and somehow he ended up on the floor unable to get up. He had to be lifted back onto the bed. After they had him back in bed the asked me to go wait in a waiting room while the do tests. While waiting I heard him yelling out in confusion and pain. The had to get 4 security guards to hold him down while the sedated him. They told me it took a lot to calm him. When he woke up he was still confused and very angry and couldn't remember anything except them hurting him and he didn't understand why they had to do it. While this was going on I rang my sister and she came up to sit with me. I also rang his mother but all I got for that was nasty comments form her telling me I should have called her earlier making sure she told anyone and everyone who listened that she wasn't called until it was all over. She seems to hate that Daz would rather be here with me than at home with her. Could be because she is out half the time and doesn't give him the care he needs. The palative care people are visiting him today and when he told me they were coming he told me he didn't realy want to hear what the had to say so I offered to go over and listen so at least we know what they are all about. He said yes he wanted me to talk with them so I thought that was what I would do. Kaye, his mum had different ideas. She rang me and told me the palative care people were coming to see her and it is nothing to do with me. Darryn was so angry when he found out what she had said to me. I am convinced she and his dad don't realise how close she is to been told to go away, Daz has had enough of her never being there when he needs something, she isn't looking after him anywhere near good enough. Sometimes he can't even get out of bed he is so week, it's just not good enough. Rant over, Thanks.
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