Hi, all I'm a newbie here, been on the ACOR-FAP list for many years. Elaine is my sister - craftyone - and lives in Victoria. I'm in Western Australia. Like Elaine, I do quilting, cross-stitch and jewellery but I also paint, play the piano (really out of practice) and write science fiction. I work full-time but intend to retire in 4 years time and go around Australia with my 2 closest friends in a Winnebago, writing and painting our way across the country. We're also ambassadors for the Thermomix, so we are going to refresh our training in selling that for when we get to rallies. Stu's dad reckons all the grey nomads will flock to it! (Yes, please!) We are also ACN Reps and Les and I currently work for the titles office in WA. Les and I are planning on doing the Conveyancing course in the last 12 months so we'll have plenty of ways to make money while we're on the road. I could say it's nice to be here, but I wish we didn't have a need for sites like this. :( Jules.
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