Hi, I'm the new girl and excited to be here. I finished my chemo and radiation treatment for small cell carinoma of the cervix 3 weeks ago and waiting to have my follow up scans. Nervously... I have 2 young kids aged 3 yrs and 6 months and I love my family to death. Love to chat to anyone with similar diagnosis or people coping with cancer and kids.
Welcome to the site Tiah. You will find a lot of help and support here...I know I did when I first joined. If you look under the section for 'Groups', you will find one that is for those of us who have, or are currently dealing with gynaecological cancers. This group holds monthly online chats that are helpful, informative, supporting, inspiring....needi go on. It's good to joe able to chat with others how know what you are going through, and understand exactly where you're at. I'm sure you will find yourself a place here. The Rowan
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Thank you for letting me know I look forward to checking it all out and talking to like people. The support that is out there is too good to be true.
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