We used to line up metal bottle tops on the steel tracks that ran along the railway bridge over the Yarra. Then we'd run down the tracks and off the bridge before a train approached. After a train went past we'd venture out onto the bridge again and collect the flattened bottle tops and use them as Ninja weapons. You flicked them like mini Frisbees. They went a long way very fast. One afternoon we were too slow getting off the bridge. The two of us jumped out of the way and huddled together, pushing ourselves against an upright support centimetres from the passing train. We're both still alive. Actually, we are getting close again, 45 years after our railway line exploits. I dropped in to his business to meet him for an arranged lunch. It had only been the week before that I told him over the phone I had cancer. His wife and business partner came out to say hello. She came right up to me and looked me in the eye, smiled and held out her hand. It was so good. She didn't say anything specific, but I left for lunch knowing that having cancer was not an issue for her at all. She was letting me know there was no barrier there. I think it was really impressive and made a difference to my outlook at the time. I'll stay away from railway bridges with her husband in future, though. H
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Hi Harker, Am I having a deja vu moment or have you mentioned this before? I know my husband used to do something similar with a mate and maybe that's what has reminded me. I agree with you about the friends though. I had lost contact for a while with my oldest friend and when she found out that I was in hospital, she literally dropped everything and raced up to see me. While I was on treatment she sent me a silly card every "bad" week and whenever she could she took me on an outing. We became much closer and have kept in much closer contact since. Funny how the cancer thing differentiates people. S
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G'day I don't remember bottle tops and at the age of doing such things I wouldn't have known what a Ninja was, let alone a Ninja Weapon. Halfpennies on Puffing Billy tracks when loco 3A was struggling it's asthmatic way out of the yards with a full train load. If you had placed it carefully it would stay on the rail and be elongated into an oval. If not it would be flicked to the edge and be bent with only part of it flattened. I lost contact with those friends long ago - moved away, went to university, lived in digs and never went back. Years later cancer came and people I thought were friends disappeared. But there were some for whom cancer never mattered. They were the ones who would just hold my hand, not say anything, or ask "How are you" with an emphasis on the "you" and mean it. However, I have made many other friends since then - like the ones recently who were concerned as they felt I was not looking too good and let me know, very quietly, that I could come and talk things over with them, they were available anytime. Yes cancer differentiates things and people. Cheers Sailor I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. I do not think that they will sing to me. I have seen them riding seaward on the waves Combing the white hair of the waves blown back When the wind blows the water white and black. T S Eliot. The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock
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One of my favourite quotes Sailor. s
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