So, weeks have passed like days recently & I haven't had time to update- but now I am here, and finally I can tell you that there has been no change which is FANTASTIC!!!!! So it's business as usual, in 2 weeks he will be starting round 5 of chemo. And in 4 weeks we will be moving into our new home!! Our house sold before it was put on the market, so it meant that I didn't have to have home opens (which might I add was a difficult thought- how we were going to do that on chemo weeks would be difficult) So god has blessed us, although we have this blasted tumour- we have been blessed in so many ways. No more monthly visits to the chemo doc- she is happy for us to continue the way we are with me controlling his meds. One small step, one small victory, makes for one more day with smiles. I type this as I am listening to him laugh at a comedy program on tv- it's the small things that warm my heart now!
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