Hello, Yesterday I paid a visit to the cancer clinic and had a pink nodular melanoma removed from my shoulder it measured 7x5mm. I don't know how long it has been there and only found it by accident. I guess the significance is I had a BCC treated 3 years ago, so now I have had 2 different types of skin cancer in 3 years . In terms of the nodular melanoma removed yesterday I will just have to wait for the biopsy results for Breslow thickness but I have to say it is messing with my head a little. In 2001 I lost my wife to breast cancer, she also had a nodular melanoma removed from her knee 3 years before she passed however, it is not known which of the two cancers she had caused the mets to travel throughout her body. . I nursed her at home during her final year before passing so I know first hand how insidious cancer can be if it gets a hold in a persons body. Any way will just sit tight and hope not to receive ( an urgent) call from the cancer clinic this week.
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