As Harker and a few others have said - If complementary and alternative therapies worked then they wouldn't be complementary and alternative, they would be main stream. If they put people in a good frame of mind, give them a feeling that they are doing something to help themselves, make them feel good, then OK, but let's get a bit real. All this stuff about energy therapies really does get me going. Energy is the capacity to do work - we consume food that gets metabolised, stored as small molecules that can be further metabolised when the body works, either to maintain our existence or to have some form of work output. The energy stored on the chemical bonds of the molecules that make up our food is converted to work and ultimately heat. Anything flowing from someone' finger, hands, touching or hovering over another person is not energy, cannot be measured and is one great con job - it doesn't exist. If it makes you feel better then fine, but it ain't going to make you better as far as cancer is concerned. Just remember we have known about energy for a long time, the scientists and engineers several hundred years ago invented the term to describe the flows of heat and work in engines. They enunciated some fairly fundamental rules about these: conservation of energy, three laws of thermodynamics. These have stood the test of time, rigorous testing and manage to explain all phenomena where energy work and heat are involved, from interactions at the single atom level to the universe as we know it. Let's not get confused with non-scientific claptrap. Before you all jump down my throat, just remember that 50 years ago the overall survival from cancer was about 25%. It is now about 60%. That has come about through the application of good science and rigorous testing, not mumbo-jumbo and supposed energy therapies. If you find me offensive - produce the evidence for your claims. Cheers Sailor
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