Well it has been about a month or so since last post and lots have happened again, after much soul searching hubby has decided not to continue with treatment anymore, and I fully support him,after the last bout of sickness he said what kind of life is this,so after speaking to his GP and then the Oncologist, the decision was made not to continue with the chemo. So we packed up the caravan and hit the road again, along with all his medical records and tablets, and the improvement in him since we have been on the road is immense,much happier.Mind you it is not all plain sailing he is having a problem with his right leg and pain, but insists that it is a pulled muscle, so I just go along with it and as long as he is happy to we will keep travelling for a while longer. Let me state at this time I really appreciate the support I have received from this forum, it is really great that you can pour your heart out to complete strangers and receive such benefits. So thank you all. I will keep posting to the blog at intermittent intervals to keep you updated with what is happening. Can I also state at this time our sincere thanks to his wonderful GP who bent over backwards to help Les, if more GP's still had these values it would be great. I am sorry I cannot say the same for his Oncologist and the Cancer care place he went to,even though I can understand that they have a lot of patients to deal with,I still believe that people should be treated as an individual not just a number. Will keep you all posted and once again thank you for your support
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