There is nothing better some nights. Everything including the enamel is destined to be put together and cooked slowly for a long time. And the way she does the risotto is heavenly. I just thought you all should know. H
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Now we know! Hey i am having chocolate for dinner, this is not fair Harker!
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Thanks Harker. Tonight I am ahving sausages on bread with 8, 16 year olds having a camp out in our backyard for my son's birthday. And I thought you were crazy returning to full time work! Hope it was great. S
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Prefer saffron rice with the Osso Buco. I don't have a Le Creuset pot so I cheat and do it in the slow cooker. On the other hand, lamb shanks with garlic mash in mid winter! Nothing like Pea and Ham soup in mid winter either. This weekend it will be Boeuf Bourguignon to Don Dunstan's recipe - might do a garlic mash to go with that. Does anyone remember the Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren singing about Bangers and Mash? Cheers Sailor Never go to sea without an onion – Bill Tilman
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hope you enjoyed it. i just ate the last of my husbands white chocolate and hes not happy as i didn't leave him any!
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i'm going to buy fish today. i love fish. need to buy sustainably, thoguh. no seacage salmon unfortunately. i feel healthy eating fish
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Swim fishy, swim!!
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