I am on a mission to get a retreat built in the Hinterland and was hoping for some input from the people that matter. You guys!!! I have not much idea where to start so I thought I would put it out there and see if anyone has more idea than me. Haha, I don't think that will be too hard. Sailor has already given me one lead which I have chased up and it looks like I will definately get some advice as well as possibly some funding. Anyway, here goes. Please let me know what you think. I need honest opinions and advice to get this right as well as help with writing up the proposal to present to the powers that be :-) Pabs Place will be set in the Gold Coast Hinterland, hopefully around Mt Nathan area, or Wongawollen so it is still easily accessible from Gc Hospitals. It is all stored in my head so I will try painting you a picture with words. You are a country patient and have to come into the big smoke for chemotherapy. having no family on the Coast and not a lot of cash you will likely stay in a seedy motel. Instead you get to catch the courtesy shuffle out to Pabs Place, where you can stay in a self contained unit. A basket of fresh local produce is delivered to your door every morning and if your not up to cooking a meal can also be brought to you. You can sit on your deck and look over the beautiful hill views you have from each cabin. If you feel energetic enough to cook the facilities are all there in your room, or alternatively you can wander down to the restaurant and dine in. Meals are extremely cheap and tailored to delicate stomachs, as well as having the usual restaurant grub for carers and family members. Your cabin is so cheap (or preferably free, but I wont get my hopes up to much on that one) so you can afford to take advantage of the various relaxing activities available (massages, yoga and things like that). Maybe you are overwhelmed with all that is going on in your life, chemo, onco visits, paying bills, looking after all the day to day goings on that don't go away just because you are ill. You just want a couple of nights away from it all, by yourself or with your loved ones, to recharge and get some much needed rest and relaxation. Finances are stretched to the limit so there is no chance of a holiday. Off you go to Pabs Place for walks through the beautiful bushland, or a massage and spa, or just a quiet time out on the verandah, with a plate of fruit for the possums and a good book! You just get the news you have been waiting for. REMISSION! Chemo is finished, scans are over for three months and you just want to get away and get your head around this new life post cancer. As before finances are tight due to all your energy going in to fighting this disease and not making a dollar. Off you go to Pabs Place, with a bottle of champagne and an appreciation of all that is beautiful. As always cabins are built for either individuals, couples or families, so everyone is catered for. Pool is a fun place to get rid of your slowly returning energy. You lost someone dear to you and are finding it hard to keep going. No one seems to understand what you are going through, and everyone has returned to their 'normal' lives while you are still struggling to put one foot in front of the other. Then you hear Pabs Place offers weekend retreats where you can mix with other singles or families, who are feeling as you are and workshops run by grief and loss councillors, to help give you skills to cope with you new situation. Of course you can take advantage of all the facilities at Pabs Place as well. Your hear the dreaded words 'there is nothing more we can do' and know now you need to decide if you want to spend you last days at home, or whether you will be hospitalised. Nicky's Nest at Pabs Place offers full medical facilities to make you sure you are always comfortable, with accommodation for your family and friends right alongside your rooms. You have the most beautiful view of the valley and are far enough away from the rest of the complex to feel as though this is all for you. That is the idea in my head. I hope not to receive one of those emails saying this is advertising as you cannot advertise something that does not exist. I am not trying to recruuit potential customers. I am aiming for this place to be a not for profit organisation. I feel there is a need for all these things I have outlined and have made the decision to make it happen this year, or at least get the ball rolling. I know I have a lot of work to do, put I am up for the challenge. I am not asking anyone for financial help here or labour or anything like that. I was just hoping for your input as we are the ones who have been through all of these things I have outlined. What am I missing? Who do I approach about it. How do I write it up to present to people? All these things I need to find out. I have approached Cancer Voices and they will help me one way or another, either with lots of advice or even some funding, so there is one step taken in the long journey to get Pabs Place out of my head and into reality. I am also aiming to not be writing I I I all the time and start writing 'We at Pabs Place!' lol I also started a business of my own where I am in the position to donate 10% of my commission into Pabs Place so I need to find out how to register it as a charity. Phew! It looks so daunting when I see it all written up like this, but every time I close my eyes it is there waiting for me, so out of my head it needs to go haha! I am looking forward to hearing what you all think and I am also nervous at the same time. I can approach things with such bull in a china shop speed sometimes, people can get overwhelmed by it all. The response I have had from family and friends has been mixed, though they all think it is a 'nice' idea. Anyways, I have finally put it out thereto be scrutinised. Go for your life, all comments appreciated. Alana
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