After two months of intensive research on the Internet about numerous healthy/organic/vegan/ you name it diets offered to "cure" cancer I've formed an opinion that just a diet can not cure cancer as each cancer is at the same time specific and different to another. So, an universal diet offered to cure all range of cancerogenic diseases is just - fluff. Our primary goal is to reinforce my partner's immune system before we commence with chemotherapy. We have been eating very healthy foods for years. Our family is very sporty and the body fat index in our home does not go over 15%. We are all fit and generally very healthy. We all undergo a variety of sporting exercises and training once a day be it running, jogging, boxing, weight lifting, yoga, basketball, mixed martial arts, plyometrics, swimming. So, after a week of narrowing down what may have caused this condition, including any potential abnormality my partner has experienced during the last 2 decades I think we may be one step closer to pin point the cause of the disease. At this stage it is all unconfirmed and we are going to be undertaking further consultations and tests, however the process of elimination has started and we are acting in accordance with what we believe may have caused it. As such the following diet has been considered to be the most appropriate for her. We do not recommend it to anyone else. Our intention is only to document it and share it. The List Broccoli, lentils, beans, cabbage, beetroot, carrot, sprouts, capsicum, leek, onion, spring onion, tomato, garlic, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, eggplant and other dark green veggies. Fish - cooked or steamed, sometimes grilled Chicken - once a week Eggs low fat yogurt Flaxseed oil, sesame oil, virgin olive oil, coconut oil, oregano oil Spices - minced garlic, ginger, black cumin, chillies, turmenic, salt, pepper, curry, are the most common we use. NO sugar or any other sweetener apart from one tea spoon of organic honey in the morning. No pasta or yeast based breads. Only low GI carbs. Fruit - all berries, grapefruit, banana, apple, papaya, mango, kiwi, lime, lemon, occasionally orange. Predominantly grapefruit and bananas as well as papaya. Grains/cereals - organic gluten free oats, oats barn, buckwheat, linseed, psyllium husk, Slippery Elm powder. Everyday we make some sort of soup at least once a day. All of the fruit is being processed in a Vitamix blender. This is one of the most powerful blenders in the world. The blade reaches speeds over 200kh/h and breaks down everything on cellular level. We have bought it recently to help her digest foods easier. She drinks smoothies throughout a day (3-4 times). For instance; a handful of blueberries 3 table spoons of low fat Greek yogurt 1 teaspoon of honey 4-5 cubes of ice 100mL rice milk Or; 1 banana 1/4 of Papaya 100mL rice milk 200mL water She takes once a day 200mL of protein powder (no sugar). I usually buy Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural Whey Gold Standard - 2.27kg or Dymatize ISO 100 no carbs, no sugar. Supplements - Vitamin D 5000 IU a day, Calcium 1000 IU a day, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Garlicin, American Paw Paw (not Papaya) Cell Reg and a few other supplements that are less important such as Spirulina etc. Daily diet schedule 7am - 1 teaspoon of Sodium bicarbonate with a glass of water 7-7.30am - exercising (stretching, yoga, walk) 8am - breakfast (cereals with lots of black cumin)+ supplements 10am - snack (sandwich - using wholegrain yeast free lebanese pitta bread) 12pm - lunch (veggies and soup of some sort) 2pm - snack (protein powder + fruit/smoothie) 4pm - dinner (fish + veggies+ fruit) 6pm - Slippery Elm/ Psyllium husk drink 8pm - a piece of fruit or smoothie Garlic - fresh Australian grown - She takes one whole clove of garlic with a glass of water every 3-4 hours. Garlic produces allicin a substance that many claim has healing and immune system boosting powers. You can read about it on Wikipedia; However, allicin has a short half-life ( and can not be manufactured so the only way is to swallow a whole clove with water and let it sit in your stomach slowly being digested by your system and in such a way have a constant supply of allicin over a few hours. We focus on 5 main supplements to boost her immune system; 1] Garlic (1 bulb a day) 2] PawPaw (6 caps a day) 3] Black cumin (50g a day) 4] Papaya (1/2 a day) 5] Vitamin D (5000IU a day)
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