I thought I was Coming out of limbo! That medieval imagining between heaven and hell. I was premature. Anticipating, Impatient, Before my time. Blood results came swiftly! With the usual - Insulting, letter about not Interpreting the results Myself. After twelve years, I think I know What the results mean. But at least they were Bulk billed UP, Up, up and Away! With a doubling time of Three months. Officially the latest Clinical guide says “Extremely high risk for adverse clinical outcomes” They state it so nicely! But there was the CT scan! Bless the CT scan - It is worth any amount of Extra radiation. No change since the last scan Eighteen months ago!!! The oncologists have discussed And DISCUSSED. Do Nothing they Say - Have another three months of quality life - Test again and we will discuss again. I am pleased to be back in limbo - It is better than hell. Perhaps I’ll become a Limbo dancer. Sailor 19/6/10 He who lets the sea lull him into a sense of security is in very grave danger. Hammond Ines

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