Hi, my husband has had 4 cycles of chemo,he has to have CT scans next week. If the cancer has spread or not changed the will send him down to Peter Mac for I think it was called mollicular trial therapy. Something someone told us makes me worry that this is what would happen if they thought nothing else could be done. Does any one know any thing about this? My husband has cancer in his lungs,bones, liympnodes and thyroid they haven't given it a name as they have not found a primary.
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Hi Amelia Jane, I've just joined here and looking through the forums and blogs came across your post. Although I have no answer for your query on the particular trial therapy for your husband, I thought i'd just pop in to say that having just finished radiation therapy through Peter Mac, I think if you need to go there, you and your husband will find you'll have access to high quality treatment, care and support. Hopefully someone will have some info for you. I wish you both well.
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