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What a rollercoaster few weeks it has been. My loving uncle died on the 8 March, and I had my lumpectomy on the 12th. We buried my uncle on the 14th. And I got my results back yesterday. Good news. Clear margins and no node involvement. Best news ever!! My surgeon was happy. I am happy. My husband is ECSTATIC! It has been a rough few weeks, waiting for surgery, then waiting for results. I actually think the waiting is far worse than the actual surgery ... I'm a bit odd in that I really like being put under. Anyway I guess now is where the rel battle begins. Mr Surgeon has told me chemo will begin in the next few weeks, the details of which will be decided by my oncologist, and then radiation. I read all these horror stories (and not too many positive stories) on how everyone handles chemo and radiation. I wonder if any of you reading this would like to share your own positive points. There has to be some, it can't be all bad. ( That is if there is anyone reading!!! )
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