Have been doing really well with meditation, acupuncture, yoga and positive affirmations. My cancer was contained however with removal of right kidney this has left me with CKD stage 3/4. My cancer took my healthy kidney and left me with a damaged kidney due to childhood reflux. My eGFR is 33%. I have been dealing with my cancer diagnosis however yesterday at GP he used the words "Renal Failure". I am doing my best to say "Renal Failure" is your word Dr, not mine. I will not need dialysis until i hit a eGFR of 10%. Transplant is not an option due to cancer relapse. This is why "positive head space" is such a huge advantage for recovery and living life. My hubby and I are planning a trip to Paris next November for our wedding anniversary. As my physician claimed, travel now why you are healthily enough. Thanks for listening and I would like to know who you maintain your positive head space. Jules
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33% eGFR is relatively good. I had a similar situation to you when my nephrologist crossed out 'disease' and wrote 'failure' after the word kidney on a pathology report. I was about 15% then. But...BUT...I did not start dialysis until four years later when my eGFR had dropped to 11%. Every body is different and lifestyle, stress, diet and age are all factors. And of course I am not a medico. But based just on what you have written I would say do kidney healthy things (you know what they are) and keep that 33% function as long as you can. Paris sounds good to me. There's no reason to think it won't happen. H
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Thank you so much Mr H. Yes Im taking control of life and work. Instead of me working around my life and work and am taking steps for "them" to work around me. Jules
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That is really important to do. Hard, but important.
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