Have been doing really well with meditation, acupuncture, yoga and positive affirmations. My cancer was contained however with removal of right kidney this has left me with CKD stage 3/4. My cancer took my healthy kidney and left me with a damaged kidney due to childhood reflux. My eGFR is 33%. I have been dealing with my cancer diagnosis however yesterday at GP he used the words "Renal Failure". I am doing my best to say "Renal Failure" is your word Dr, not mine. I will not need dialysis until i hit a eGFR of 10%. Transplant is not an option due to cancer relapse. This is why "positive head space" is such a huge advantage for recovery and living life. My hubby and I are planning a trip to Paris next November for our wedding anniversary. As my physician claimed, travel now why you are healthily enough. Thanks for listening and I would like to know who you maintain your positive head space. Jules
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