I have heard this so many times the last couple of weeks I thought I was going to scream but I think now that I am over the initial shock of being told I had secondary breast cancer and the why me and the anger I have decided the power of the mind has a lot to do with your success of fighting this cancer a lady said to me today the acceptance and the ability to get on with the fight no matter what this illness sends your way is all in my hands. I can do this I can fight and Although I have just begun this fight I know I can do this.
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You go girl. Keep on fighting. I sometimes have a down day and then will get back on the with the fight tomorrow. Don't focus on the 'what ifs' in our life, we have to deal with the 'what is'. Take care
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Hi Sandy, Take one day at a time.. and feel what you feel.. positive, sad, courageous, annoyed .. whatever is right for you. I have been there and done just that, felt a wide range of emotions along the way. Seek help if you need it, whether it be from with family, through this site, support groups, advice from GP. You don't have to do it alone. Been 5yrs since diagnosis for me and life is back on track. Take care and best wishes. Reindeer x
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