I had a chat with a survivor who was really anxious about secondary cancers etc... Just what has poisoning the body done. Sure she's cured, but at what cost. Maybe I'll have the luxury to worry about this when I've survived past the 5 year mark as she has. But from where I am now, I just think well there are increased risks but there's never a 100 per cent certainty. I know I am now a 1 in 50 risk for something. That's 2 percent. And 1 in 300 for something else. My odds of getting NHL were not high and I got it. Lymphoma is more common now but still rare. Before I got sick, I worried a lot about stuff. Now I really couldn't care less. I don't take risks, but I never really did and I still got cancer. Of course having the propensity to develop cancer again does make me more aware of the so called preventable cancers. Shit happens. There are kids who get cancer. It seems so unfair. Then we try to reassure ourselves if we expose them to more viruses to give their immune system a work out, maybe they'll be tougher. Then loop back to, but if viruses can cause gene mutations. What I've learnt is that it's unpredictable. Why do some people die and others live? I was an atheist, but I'm giving it up to the universe.
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