thank you to every one who has sent messages, they are an invaluable source of support for Terry and for me.. We are on to day 7 today of his treatment, the days are very long with us starting work at 7am and working till 1pm then travelling an hour to the hospital, we have had several appointments in one day so far,with OT, Speech, Dietetics, Physio, and the Oncologist, so each day is around a 5 hour trip from start to finish.. wow we both look forward to falling into bed every night these days i can tell you that lol.. So far, terry has had minimal reaction to the radiation, i have been keeping a photographic record of his scar and the site they are doing the radiation on, and its getting redder every day, he also has lymphadeama and the swelling is getting a little more each day, the OT has given us massage techniques to use and they don't seem to be doing much to alleviate it so far, but she said it will take time to condition the body to make the lymph nodes work in the other areas in his neck. He has had a slight loss of taste so far, he noticed it especially last night when we went to my sons farewell dinner and he had a beer, he said it tasted like water, so thats it for the beer for now.. although he doesn't feel like having a drink anyway, but yeah it wouldn't taste of anything even if he did. food has not been an issue so far, he is managing to eat most things, he doesn't like onion any more, and says it tastes very strong. He said that he feels like eggs a lot, so thats what we have been going for, lots of eggs in scrambled eggs, quiche, etc. He has also had a craving for milk so i have been making him caramel malted milkshakes .. he loves those. we were worried because he lost a kilo in the first week, but with my magic cooking skills i soon got that back on him lol.. the nurses were very impressed at my determination to have him well... I have told them he is my number one and i wouldn't have it any other way, gee those girls and guys are fantastic, what a special group of people those cancer care nurses are huh? We have met some incredible people at the hospital and their strength is a great help to us, if there is any one who needs to just type me a letter to vent their feelings, please feel free as i know how helpful it is to me, to know that there is some one willing to listen to my ramblings.. Thank you all so much and I wish you all well. best regards from Debstar and Terry
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