Well, 6 weeks of radiation going every day 5 days a week is tough on everyone, but more specifically pretty terrible for the person going through it directly. My dearest husband conquered radiation with such style and dignity. Not once complaining, always complimenting me and always putting me before his own needs. We had a rocky start to the treatment, his rage got severe, to the point where he decided he no longer wanted to live with us anymore. He felt that he was a burden and a risk to us. It took me three days to talk him down, constantly reminding him that this is our journey to, and we are here in the good & the bad- together- united. His moods lighten, he was his old self, much like his 21 year old self. By the end of the 6 weeks, I thought, YES- maybe this is our miracle, maybe this will be our cure. He wasn't suffering as much, and he was in great happy spirits. 3 weeks has passed since the end of treatment, and the Dex has been completely weaned off. And we are back to terrible town, splitting headaches, mood swings, icy cold stares. He has his follow up MRI on Thursday, and appointment with the oncologist to discuss on the 9th Dec. I fear, the news will not be nice, and we are in for a rough & emotional christmas. And he fears that his only quality of life left is to be on Dex for the rest of his living life. I am fought with trying to "save" him, I search day in day out for the "answer or cure" I know he will eventually die, and I know and have accepted that it will be much sooner than we would like, but I live in hope that he will be around a little longer for the girls, especially our youngest- so she can know her dad- and know how much she is like him. At the moment, I am going through the huge procedure of getting his insurance claim lodged through his super, when all I want is for us to be able to relax together. Anyway, only time will tell, back to trying not to think about it until the 09th december. Until the next appointment, Ciao
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