This is my first ever blog entry...... I've just finished my 3rd cycle of chemo after recently being diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. I was on holiday in the UK in Aug/Sept this year when I was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis, when performing a laparoscopic appendectomy they were unable to locate the appendix but instead found a mass surrounding my appendix. They went on to perform a right hemicolectomy removing part of my small & large bowel and also ileocaecal valve, we then had to wait 10 days for histology results to confirm bowel cancer which has spread to my omentum. The insurance company flew us home business class as I was still in a great deal of discomfort after the Op and since we got home it has been a flurry of appointments and eventually starting chemo. I am to have 6 rounds of chemo which takes 12wks, 4 was off and then another surgery to remove the omentum, recovery from the surgery and another 6rounds of chemo. This journey is much bigger than I ever anticipated and the realization of what is ahead is very frightening. I lost my brother Gavin to Leukaemia in 2004 aged 26 and lost my mum Ann to breast cancer in 2010, how can I be going through this now. My poor Dad is devastated that we are going through this again. I have a wonderful husband and 2 lovely twin girls aged 11 who in their short lives have lost 2 very important people in their family and now they have to watch me go through the same thing. I try to stay positive for their sake and have so much to live and be thankful for but in facing this dreaded disease I have to face the fact that it may not end the way I hope it will..........
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