I am writing this for my brother who had cancer of the supraglottis stage 2.  He needs some positive support,  and I don't know what to tell him.  He is very withdrawn and scared, I think.  His doctors have told him his prognosis is excellent, but he feels there is no improvement after his treatment was completed. Is there anyone who has gone through the same who can provide support?  He had written the following : 

I am a 68 old male and have completed a full cycle of 6 weeks of therapy for cancer of the supera glottis stage 2. It included 33 RT and 3 chemo . It is now 11 days since the end of treatment. I see no appreciable improvement. Still no taste , no smell cannot swallow anything fed by NG tube. Lots of thick secretions which causes gagging. My throat still very raw and angry
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