Eating only total of 80grams of protein each day for my kidney dis-ease is very hard, to give you an idea look at your hand, from the base of your fingers to the tips = 80grams.......If i want to delay dialysis I MUST MAINTAIN AND CHANGE. Does anyone else have stories of encouragement of how they have changed their diets for imminent/related health detriments from cancer, I would love to hear your success stories for positiveness to draw on. Thank you Jules
Nobody out there is managing kidney dis-ease and managing protien intake?
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Hi Jules...I'm not going through kidney disease, but protein intake is important for the repair of damaged tissue and muscle. I have a protein shake every morning. I have purchased a protein powder that has 31 grams per scooop. Every morning I put 1 banana, milk, a small bit of vanilla ice cream, honey and cinnamon into the blender. I try to eat as much chicken and turkey breast as possible as they are also high in protein. I hope this helps. 🙂
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Thank you Uneek, Geez that protein shake sounds delicious....unfortunately im the other end, having to curb my protein intake however thank you for replying and keep in touch and let me know how you are going from time to time. You keep beating that cancer too love. Jules
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