Hi all, I’m back again.


I finally saw my cardiologist yesterday regarding my breathlessness and pain after a top left lung lobectomy followed by radiation for six weeks. He told me that my atrial arrhythmia was out of whack and has given me beta blockers for the arrhythmia and also thinks I have angina and has given me a mouth spray for this. I also told him about my very sore left breast and I’m having an ultrasound for that on Thursday.


I still can’t believe this has all happened since the end of May this year. I have to have further blood tests and another ecg. I guess it will all come to an end one day.

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I fixed your post for you @Rikki1, sending lots of love to you ❤️



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Hi everyone I apologise for not knowing how to write a post but I need to ask for help if anyone can help. After I saw my cardiologist last time he advised me that I need to have an angiogram as he seems pretty sure that I have blocked arteries. I am now on a hospital waiting list and am taking my beta blockers and using the spray for angina which doesn’t seem to help. I am still taking painkillers from the surgery and that is what I need help with. Since I had the upper left lobe lobectomy which was done at the end of May I still have pain in my left ribs, in my left armpit, shoulder and my left breast is so sore that it’s becoming a real problem. Has anyone else who has a lobectomy still pain 4 months after the operation and radiation. I take 3 endone a day, but it’s not enough. Outpatients at the hospital have given me a very small dose of lyrica twice a day and I take 2 targin of the lowest dose twice a day too. No-one understands the pain and I’m worried about the angiogram as I am so breathless and heavy in the chest. Sorry to complain but if anyone can comment it would be much appreciated.

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Hi @Rikki1 ,


Never apologise for having pain or complaining about it.   If you dont complain,  no-one will know there's something wrong.

Intense pain 4 weeks after any surgery is not normal.   Do you think there's any chance of infection at the op site?  

I would advise you to make an urgent appt with your GP & get some stronger pain meds, & a blood test.  Get some answers to put your mind & body at ease.


All the best



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