HI, Well Yesterday was a sorry for Livey day..i did not feel so crash hot..very sore breast.and just yucky. I cant believe that you can have a operation on your breast and then send you out of hospital on the same day..i had my op at 1.30 then by 7 that night i was out..the drive home was a nightmare..as i live 1hour from the hospital..lucky i had someone to drive me. But i am ready to climb the next hill..OH THOSE HILLS!!. LIVE LAUGH LOVE LIVEY.
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Hi Livey, I totally agree with you. It might meet a few bean counters or economic rationalists idea of an ideal world where you are sent out of hospital well before you are ready. It is not good health practice. hope that you are OK and that there have been no complications. Those hills sometimes are mountains and in climbing mountains you need assistance. Take care and keep loving. Sailor
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