So I'm looking for some advice My name is Randi Parker. My husband Is Cody Parker. We recently got married in the hospital. When we found out that the cancer he had fought for a entire year "that 2 months ago we were told was gone" is back and worse then ever. We are 25 and have been together since we were 15. We have two sons one is 9 and one is 4. He has primitve neuro ectodermal tumors taking over his brain. He has already undergone. 3 brain surgeries, 30 rounds of radiation, and 4 rounds of agressive chemo. Now that it's back they are saying there is nothing we can do to help him. We are going home tomorrow. And I am taking off work to take care of him. I don't know how I'm going to pay bills. And I'm scared to watch him get worse. Everyday is worse. He can't remember anything sometimes not even our kids names. He can't walk, he doesn't know how old he is, he's in pain all the time. He gets distracted and chews on strange things. I'm scared and I don't know what I'm going to do. I love him so much all i want to do is make him better and I can't. Randi
hi randi... i married my husband and one month later he passed away... he died two days after his 25th birthday. We were together for 3 years but i know how you feel being scared and worried... its been two months since he died and im living with it.. but i miss him sooo much! i wish i could just hug and kiss him more... it must be hard having children and a house... im still at home with my parents and have no kids... do you have nurses available from pallative care to help you out? they came to my husbands side during his laSt weeks and showed me how to give him the needles and all his pain medication... he wanted to die at home and that was his wish so we made it happen... he was on morphine and a lot of other stuff that made him not himself... when his liver started to fail his mind did to, i was so upset because we had just gotten married and he just slept all the time... im here if you ever need to chat xoxo keep up the good work
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Wow what a card for you all to be dealt. Sorry to hear Randi. I hope being together at home can bring some comfort, and you receive lots of support for him, yourself and boys. Talk lots, and use us! XO
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Hi Randi, what a tough situation you're in. If you need some advice, the hospital social work department might be able to inform you about what financial help and services you and your husband are entitled to. (You may be able to get centrelink benefits, and help around the house etc.) His nurse should be able to hook you up with them. Good luck with everything, keep in touch! We're all here for you. love Emily
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