I am not sure what to start writing about but what I know is that half of the people who have cancer experience sexual problems and that they do not get an opportunity to talk with their health professionals about them. I think that the main reason is that health professionals are not confident talking to people about sex and also they think they do not have the time to do this. I hope this can be a space for people to feel that it is ok to talk about these topics because I strongly believe this is an important part of life regardless of your health condition or age. Feel free to leave your comments about the topics you would like me to cover and I will try my best to provide my honest opinion based on my knowledge and experience. Wishing you all the best for this coming long weekend.
Hi Pandora Big Issue. There is a really great book on this subject called 'Sexuality and Cancer'. It is really upfront with lots of very practical and sometimes confronting advice. (You'll never be able to visit the plumbing section of Bunnings in quite the same way again!) You can get it from the Cancer Council and it available as a download: http://www.cancervic.org.au/downloads/brochures/cancer_types/Sexuality_cancer_08.pdf Let's hope that this thread goes on and is a frank and upfront session. cheers Sailor
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Hi Sailor Yes, I agree, that's a really great book. One of the problems is that many people being treated for cancer feel too embarrassed to ask questions about sex, so it's really up to the health professional to start the conversation. A lot of the problems with sex, and particular intimacy with a partner, happen after treatment and often well down the track, so finding a good GP who is comfortable talking about the issue is important. Enjoy the rest of your Easter break! cheers Pandora.
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