My mum has just been diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 4b. It is in the lymph nodes in her chest and the dr is giving up saying they can treat the tumor but as for the rest they dont care. I guess its because of her age but she is healthier than me. Im at a loss as they gave her a year to live. Im devasted as to why they cant treat the nodes.
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Hi Hope ( I like your login!) please ignore the above post. People occasionally post spam on here- I've reported it to admin. Please don't think that all people on here are like that! I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through. A cancer diagnosis is always devastating, but I imagine particularly so in your case. My husband was diagnosed with lymphoma 2 years ago, and, as his wife, I was able to ask my questions and have a bit of input into the decisions- I imagine as 'the daughter' you don't automatically get that. If you can, please do ask the doctors about what's concerning you; you have as much right to answers as anyone else. All the best beautful, love Emily
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