Its really good to see Josh eating so much today!! He had about 7 bowls of Nutri-Grain cereal, Peanut Butter on toast, about 3 potatoes smothered in Garlic and roasted, and a bowl of rice. This might seem like a small amount, but usually Josh only eats 2 things all day: A bowl of popcorn and a handful of pretzils. It seems he loves all things salty; not good for the arteries but hey... it makes him smile. The reason he has been eating so much, is because the oncology nurses gave Josh steroids to help with his allergic reaction to the Carboplatin for chemo. Obviously, a side effect of this, is a big appetite. One of Josh's "big buddies" at oncology, was on steroids to deal with his chemo, and he has since eaten "like a horse" his mum says. We dont mind if Josh eats heaps, considering he has lost roughly 6 kg's since starting chemo. He now weighs 15kg's (bit small for a 4year old), and his spine sticks out of his back, and his ribs poke out of his belly. BUT he still manages to smile :) Love from The Johansen Family xx
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