Hi I need help, I finished my treatment of chemo and radiation a month ago and I'm struggling to find energy. By the time I get up and get myself ready for the day, I'm exhausted. It's so frustrating as in my mind I can do things but my body just won't let me. I have to force myself to walk my dog twice a day but I am so exhausted afterwards I just lay down for hours. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to get energy and motivation back?
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Hello Struggling, Lets be honest, how well are you doing you survived Chemo and Radiation well done. Cancer is hard and the toll it takes on your body is amazing (I would not wish this on my worst enemy). Your body has to heal look what it has been through, the fact that you walk your dogs twice a day is really amazing. Mind over Matter honestly or try a Red Bull. I am proud that you made it through I am on a trial drug and its killing me. My body has never had so many aches in its life sometimes I walk like a 100 year old person and walking up stairs is frightening but hey I am alive. Eat and drink stuff that makes you feel alive as you are really doing so well. xx Liz
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Thank you so much, I really needed to hear that. I guess I was just hoping to be back to my normal life by now, it's hard when your mind wants to do something but you just can't. I feel like people have forgotten I have cancer, because you can't see it and it's frustrating for me to try and do the things that I used to do. You need a good pat on the back, I didn't have the courage to do a trial. I guess I was a little selfish thinking I could just have my treatment and move on, it's definitely hard than it looks. I'm sorry to hear your not feeling well and hope it doesn't last too much longer for you. Your an amazing person for being so brave. I thank you
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Morning JLM, you are doing truly amazingly. I know exactly what you mean, i am 4 months into 6 month treatment and i pushed myself for those 4 months with fitness, gym, running, walking, taking my dog for a walk and working full time pretty much with lots of meetings and walking around to appointments. Mainly because i was told fitness and exercise is critical during this time, wow it's hard sustaining that isnt it? But i caught a lung infection last week and ended up in hospital for 5 days, i now know pushing myself was a terrible thing to do, but it made me feel like i was not letting my life be any different than before. I've only just accepted life is different for a little while. Being a fitness person, i obsessed too much over keeping it going, i'm focussing on food and nutrients now. that will help you feel better. Walk your dog every 2nd day maybe, and shorter. I also make sure i take vitamin B, fruit and vegetables (i puree alot or make a soup) and of course water. I also tried red ginseng, but it doesnt taste good so i'm working on that one. I hope this helps and i also hope you find your energy, I found if i just did little bits here and there off the lounge i felt ALOT better. Even just walking to the mailbox, bedroom, wash my face anything to just move without exhausting myself. Good Luck! Mez
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