I have been diagnosed with lung cancer   2   one is the lung the other is in the node

i was given 6 months however i am now in my 10 month

This is a mental battle knowing the end will come however not knowing

Some days i feel like they had made an error, then the pain reminds me of the truth

how do i exist knowing i could be gone any day

very hard

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Wake up smiling, live each day to the fullest, & don't sweat the small stuff.


That's how I do it anyhow. 🙂



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I am in the same boat, but I am not going to let any doctor tell me how long I have to Live ! I try and keep up exercise and mentally that has kept me going. You are not alone and there are many different treatments coming through now on the pbs , which is always hopeful. Stay positive . When you get down, dont let it last too long and do something nice for yourself.🤗

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