Well...the journey has now really begun. I've had the PSA tests, the biopsy, the scans and the revealing one-on-one consultations. I've had the uncertainty. I've had the sleepless nights. I have cancer. Wow. How cold those words look on a page. How emotional those words make me feel. Yet, in being able to say it, there is a calm freedom. Now that I know. Now I have to act. Yesterday I met with the radiologist at the hospital. He was a calm, focused and friendly man. He gave me hope... But being new to all of this, I was not prepared for the mood and tone of the "cancer ward". Nurses have a demanding role, one that takes them across the personalities of many and varied patients. People with cancer are often fearful, angry and confused. It's understood. But it can be hard to deal with. My experience with EVERY nurse I met yesterday (my first visit to the ward)was met with care, concern, humor and friendliness. Sooooooooooooooooooooo in a long winded way, I want to applaud the kindness of strangers. Strangers who I'm sure will become friends. To all nurses who work in this area, my sincere thanks. I can't speak for others, but maybe I can, you make the path easy to walk. ...thank you. George.
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